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Guest Mix 006: Miguel Colectivo’s Soul Tropical

This week we’re really happy to bring you another guest mix! The mix has been aptly named Soul Tropical and is by Miguel Colectivo. Miguel is part of the collective called Colectivo Futuro, a group of like minded artists, DJ’s and musicians combining to push and expose art and music that interests and inspires them. Have a look at their website for interviews, reviews, mixes and more
Miguel is also part of Boom Music who put on regular nights at Shutterbug in Shoreditch and have a show by the same name on London Fields Radio. So, let’s get in to soem Soul Tropical.

Guest Mix 006: Miguel Colectivo’s Soul Tropical by Ghettospheric on Mixcloud

Joe Bataan, The Prayer
Sabu Martinez, My Christina
Tribo Massahi, Walk By Jungle
Hareton Salvagnini, Km 110
Donato, Straight Jacket
Willie Bobo & The Bo-Gents, Do What You Want To Do
Michel Sardaby, Welcome New Warmth
Henri Guédon, Brujeria
Roland Brival, Créole Gypsy
Tuco Et Les Frères Déjean, Tuco’s Jam
Ocho, Descarga Con Bajo
Bobby Paunetto, Fenway Funk
Irakere, La Comparsa
Stephen Encinas, Lypso Illusion
Cedric Im Brooks & The Light of Saba, Sabebe