A Ghetto Hour, Soul

A Ghetto Hour 040: For Tropical Souls

Keeping things tropical, here’s a mix of Soul, Disco, etc from all sorts of wonderful warm places. Apologies for some records that sound like they were dug up on the beach and a few that are just super lo fi recordings, but the soul and energy is all there!

Christian Ye Ye, Juste Une Page
Bill Loko, Nen Lambo
Tim Maia, Terapeutica Do Grito
Kiki Gyan, Pretty Pretty Girls
Esbee Family, Gin & Lime
Tomorrow’s Wish, My Love With You
Beres Hammond, Oh I Miss You
Sonya Spence, Let Love Flow
Letta Mbulu, Mahlalela
Wisdom, Nmere Giri
Pat Thomas, Yesu San Bra
Demo Cates, Stealing Love
Caiphus Semenya, Ziph’inkomo