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A Ghetto Hour 054: Electric Soul

I’ve not recorded a mix in a while, instead taking time to focus on and process the current worldwide protests for necessary change and how I can help. This mix and all of my mixes are 95% black musicians and 100% black music, music which has essentially shaped my existence. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same, so if you do and are you’re enjoying this or any of my mixes please think about donating to one of the charities at the bottom of this blurb. This mix is loosely the more electronic side of soul music, mid to late 80’s but not quite straight up boogie. Please enjoy, have a dance and share but also think about where and who the music comes from and what needs to be done to support this long and ongoing struggle.

A Ghetto Hour 053: Some Island Love

With a lot of the world still in lockdown and most of us having a mild existential crisis here is a mix of Island Soul, Old Soca and Reggae to hopefully cheer you up! With some classics from the Caribbean and a few Lovers Rock tunes form this colder and less colourful island. Probably best stay inside and listen to this mix, even if you have been advised otherwise!

A Ghetto Hour 052: All Lovers Get Ready Deluxe Edition

This mix is a special one for me, I spent a day listened to Lovers Rock before recording it and only stoped recording when I was too drunk and hungry to carry on. The result is over 3 hours of my favourite Lovers rock tunes. Plenty of classics, some popular covers and a few that are new to me, discovered on B sides or hidden on albums. This is the 4th ‘All Lovers Get Ready’ mix and three times as long, hence the Deluxe Edition! All are available on Mixcloud so plese go back get ready and get involved. Enjoy, share and stay safe!

A Ghetto Hour 051: The Gift of Reggae Covers

We all know theres no better way to celebrate Christmas than a reggae cover of Cher or Whitney Huston! So as my gift to the world this year I’ve compiled some of my favourites. I refuse to use the word cheesy but alongside some more thoughtful covers there are plenty of more accessible ones, its Christmas Sanchez singing Briteny Spears makes perfect sense! Be nice to each other and enjoy this no holes bared reggae covers mix!

A Ghetto Hour 050: Cam H & Matt Doggs at the Red Light, Toronto

Earlier this year in June I spent a very enjoyable evening with Cam H in a back room of a small whisky bar in Toronto playing records and getting real loose. We played a whole load of Modern Soul, Boogie, Lovers Rock, and Street Soul as you’d expect, also a few treats from further afield. A nice long mix to remind us of summer as the weather gets progressively shitter in both London and Toronto. Please excuse the few drunken mixes and that usual business, enjoy!

A Ghetto Hour 048: Sunlight Soul & Gospel

It’s been a good few moths since the last mix but with plenty of time digging and loads of new records here’s the first new mix to ease us in to summer. A good mix of classic soul, some stripped back gospel and a few up tempo dancers. Next up is For Tropical Souls 3, perfect for when/if summer really gets going. Enjoy and share with your loved ones!

A Ghetto Hour 047: Diga Paz! Brazil & Uruguay

Back from a trip to Brazil and Uruguay over Christmas heres a mix complied from some of my finds form the few days digging. Some Brazilian rare groove, samba, Uruguayan folk, Cuban Jazz and a great track form Nicaragua. Diga Paz means Say Peace in Portuguese, don’t ask me why but it was the catch phrase of the holiday and now the title of this mix, Enjoy!

Guest Mix 013: Cam Hildebrandt

After a week long blind DJ date in the summer me and Cam had found some serious common ground. Many hours of Lover Rock, Street Soul and Slow Jams later I asked for a guest mix. Cam delivered an ever eclectic mix of genre crossing, lo fi, hard to find gems and some up front dance floor classics. A huge thanks to him, please check out all his other quality mixes on Mixcloud.