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Guest Mix 005: U.S Jeffries (Bodywork DJ’s)

Tuesdays here and we have another guest mix! This week from the Bodywork DJ’s mixed by U.S. Jeffries. These guys have been putting on great nights in Bristol for a while now and booked the likes of Al Kent and Bill Brewster. We’re looking forward to sorting out a fantastic party with them for you […]

Guest Mix 003: Clge 2

This week we are happy to hoast our second mix from Clge, and our first Hip Hop & R&B mix on the new Ghettospheric site. Like most of Clge’s mixes its a blend of old and new, underground and classic tracks. Please listen, share and download (if possible, we’re having problems with soundcloud) and look […]

Guest Mix 002: Clge

For the second mix in our guest mix series we have our good friend Clge at the controls. Having played at most Ghettospheric nights in the last two years he’s a well established member of the team, and we hope this is the first of many guest mixes form Clge. For this mix we have […]

Guest Mix 001: Andy Clarkson

Andy Clarkson is a long standing friend of ours, has played many party of ours and has a fantastic record collection. He’s been there from the start so is perfect to kick off our guest mix series. We will host plenty of his mixes in the future, so enjoy and look we’ll look forward to […]