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A Ghetto Hour 061: Quiet Storm

A slow and sultry mix for slow, dark rainy days in the UK. My interpretation of the Quiet Storm genre, to help those unfamiliar with the term here’s a few choice quotes form wikipedia ‘genre of contemporary R&B, performed in a smooth, romantic, jazz-influenced style’ sounds nice! ‘Quiet storm was marketed to upscale mature audiences […]

A Ghetto Hour 060: Lockdown Christmas Party

Warning this mix contains no Christmas music! However it is a lovely selection of danceable songs from around the world with a strong Disco theme running throughout. Perfect to dance to, with your family, friends, whoever you’re stuck with or by yourself, a solo dance is often best! Happy Christmas and hopefully next year will […]

A Ghetto Hour 57: Turkish Vibes

This mix was recorded after a week of fairly heavy record shopping in Istanbul and Ankara. I was introduced to Turkish psychedelic rock, folk, arabesque disco and a load of other exciting and soulful records a year a ago. There’s some real classics on here that have long been popular in Turkey and abroad, and […]

A Ghetto Hour 055: This kind of Love

With a bit of heatwave going on in the UK here’s a very cool and classic Ghettospheric mix, lot’s of Rare Groove and Modern Soul perfect for the weather. This mix and all of my mixes are 95% black musicians and 100% black music. If you do and are you’re enjoying this or any of […]

A Ghetto Hour 054: Electric Soul

I’ve not recorded a mix in a while, instead taking time to focus on and process the current worldwide protests for necessary change and how I can help. This mix and all of my mixes are 95% black musicians and 100% black music, music which has essentially shaped my existence. I’m sure a lot of […]

A Ghetto Hour 053: Some Island Love

With a lot of the world still in lockdown and most of us having a mild existential crisis here is a mix of Island Soul, Old Soca and Reggae to hopefully cheer you up! With some classics from the Caribbean and a few Lovers Rock tunes form this colder and less colourful island. Probably best […]